10-Minute Plays

10-Minute Plays

by Switchboard Arts Co-op Emerge Project

The Emerge Project was a nurturing environment created by Switchboard Arts, where playwrights developed their plays, from page to stage. Writing and staging 10-minute plays was a major method of playwright development. Every year, 10 selected short plays were given full productions on the same program at the Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane. They told interesting stories and engaged audiences – the two most important aspects of any successful play. These original scripts are a joyful reminder of the quality of work Emerge playwrights created.

Our contributors for this book are: Ariella Van Luyn, Belinda McCulloch, Ben Cornfoot, Bette Guy, Clem van der Weegen, Damian Smith, David Rendell, D.M. Cameron, Felicity Carpenter, Graham Mitchell, Karlo Bran, Margaret Dakin, Nelle Lee, Richard Jordan, Sally Rodda, Sonny Clarke and Ti Lian Siew.

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