Enough with the…Talking Points

Enough with the … Talking Points

Doing More Good Than Harm in Conversation

by Reggie Marra

Whether disagreeing or agreeing across, within or beyond the political spectrum, we label, insult, generalize and characterize each other. These are, as you know, habitual, ineffective strategies. “Enough with the…Talking Points” offers a challenging, intentional approach that works for those who are willing to do the work in politics, business and personal relationships. Authentic, ongoing self-reflection, differentiating opinions and facts, honesty, courage and vulnerability are essential. In 15 concise chapters, the first 14 of which include straightforward, accessible, and often challenging practices, “Enough with the…Talking Points” implores us to recognize our common humanity, to reflect on our individual “cultural givens,” and to remember the simple truth that every human being has his or her own version of these givens. Reggie Marra invites willing readers to learn to listen increasingly more deeply, to avoid sweeping generalizations, to consider who wins and who loses when we do or do not get our way, to become comfortable and curious amid “not knowing,” and to move beyond the important step of walking in another’s shoes, so that we can actually experience what it’s like to see as others see and feel what they feel through their eyes, bodies and experiences.

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