Incurable: A Short Novel

Incurable: A Short Novel

by Julie Butler

Mish Downey is a middle-aged wife and mother from tony Fairfield County, Connecticut, careening towards age 50 and the end of her marriage. At the same time, she is facing her mother’s death from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a formidable yet not unfamiliar foe. It all feels impossibly overwhelming.

While confronting these potentially life-changing situations, the hopeless romantic in Mish also wonders if she will ever find her “person” in the same way her parents had recognized each other. Before that can happen she must first find herself and her voice, a discovery easier imagined than accomplished. A trip out West to Jackson Hole provides her with an “aha!” moment and by walking through fear and loss, she ultimately stumbles upon the missing piece of her puzzle.

INCURABLE offers an unflinching look at the fatal disease of ALS alongside the journey of a woman on the cusp of self-realization as she walks through losses of varying degrees. Will the lessons learned along the way make or break her?

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