The Complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook

By Elizabeth Reid Boyd PhD

Is there a hidden Princess within you? A powerful Queen? Or a noble Lady? 

Aristos means best. Your Aristocratic Archetype is waiting to guide you into your best life.

INSPIRITRIX is a treasury of long-lost women’s traditions we need today, based on timeless fairy tales, courtly customs and medieval mysticism. Take an enchanting journey: to claim the power that is within you, and a rich way of life we have forgotten.

In this complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook, discover how to:

~ Activate your Aristocratic Archetype, a Princess, Queen or Lady and receive the rich gifts she brings;
~ See how the Aristocratic Archetypes behave at home, at work, in love, as a friend, as a parent, when young and old, at worst, and at best;
~ Discover if the man in your life is a Prince, a King or a Knight, and what it means for your relationship;
~ Revive courtly love arts, practice old-world customs, and embrace enchanting romance rituals;
~ Discern your secret status symbols, the fairy tale language of clothes, and their hidden meanings;
~ Explore fascinating ways to strengthen your Aristocratic Archetype, and live up to the spirit within;

and live happily ever after.

INSPIRITRIX: The Complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook contains The Real Princess, The Queen of the Castle, Lady Love handbooks and much more. Full of traditions, with a practical focus on how the Princess, Queen or Lady can apply them. Includes quizzes for the female and male Aristocratic Archetypes plus how they pair. INSPIRITRIX will transform your life by harnessing your inner strengths, skills and wisdom with centuries-old female lore.

Inspiritrix… be ready to inspire.

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