Light Astonishes Time

Light Astonishes Time

by W. Charles Drewitz

Light and time – when and how did they start? More importantly, will time outlast light, or light outlast time? At the end of time, will there be a new beginning? Meanwhile, during the interaction of light and time, how did light come to be so powerful that darkness always recedes when light arrives?

What are some of the intricacies of light and darkness – in the physical and in the metaphysical?Throughout humankind, darkness and light have correlated with fear and hope.

Author W. Charles Drewitz engages cosmology, philosophy and theology to ensure a broad perspective on the interaction of light and time. How do the concept of time, the measure of time, and the exchange of light and darkness affect matter and connect with humanity? Physical cosmos meets theological logos. And the metaphysical demands a conversation as well.

The year 2020 is a stark reminder of the uncertainties in our ever-changing world. Humankind has been humbled in its inability to control all things coming into the sphere of life. If you like to reflect upon the big questions affecting planet earth, including humanity and deity, you are invited to join in on the conversations and analytics in Light Astonishes Time. Unique perspectives and illuminating insights await your contemplation.

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