Magnificent Generation Millennials

Magnificent Generation Millennials

Or It Could Be Xers or Zers But It’s Probably Too Late for Boomers

by James Nelson

This could easily be one of the most significant books you ever read. The author investigates life’s most important questions in creative ways, allowing the reader to gain a much greater understanding of the world around them. Is there a definition of success that frees a person to pursue what is truly meaningful? What are the secrets to maintaining civility in discussions that even involve politics? Are there not some general truths involving relationships and finances that can prevent great personal hardship and suffering? Why are people like riverboat gamblers when choosing their worldview? The book is highly informative, entertaining, and sometimes provocative. The author has conducted extensive research and heavily documented his findings. There are many areas in life where a person can spend 10 years dealing with a problem, or they can spend 10 hours reading a book that saves them substantial struggle. This is that book, and it can positively influence your life – and an entire generation.

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