MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire

MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire

Next-Level Training (Door-to-Door Millionaire Series Book 2)

by Lenny Gray

Lenny Gray, author of Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale is changing the door-to-door sales industry once again with his new book, MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next Level Training.

This book teaches even more tactics and techniques that Lenny has used to grow several multi-million-dollar companies primarily through door-to-door sales.

Lenny reveals how to earn time on the doors with his 3-Door Rule technique and the best strategies for making comeback appointments.

An entire chapter is devoted to teaching sales reps how to gain a competitive advantage over other door-to-door sales reps and companies.

Lenny’s tactical knocking strategies will boost your sales production as you learn tips for effectively knocking during the mornings, weekends, even in bad weather, and what it means to knock doors “off the beaten path.”

Learn the daily routines of the most successful door-to-door sales reps and how to channel positive momentum from day to day and door to door.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are given advice about how door-to-door sales can impact their business, why door-to-door sales does well in some industries and not others, and what the future looks like for the door-to-door sales industry.

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