More Than a Manicure

More Than a Manicure

My Real Self-Care Journey

by Anleeta M Eaton-Buchanan M.Ed

For far too long, we have only talked about the fun, fashionable parts of self-care. In reality, self-care can be a very ugly, difficult, emotional process full of self-reflection and hard life lessons. As a special educator, Anleeta Eaton-Buchanan M.Ed. seeks to help readers by taking a candid, honest look at her own discovery of real self-care within her profession. From setting boundaries, to addressing the taboo topic of adult bullying and racism throughout her career, Anleeta shares genuine moments of intimate self-revelation and vulnerability. With a focus on mental health and wellness, Anleeta takes you on her own emotional journey with candor and transparency, proving that real self-care is indeed, “More Than a Manicure.”

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