One Page at a Time

One Page at a Time

Daily Spiritual Growth in Recovery

by Paul Kocak

The slogan “Turn It Over” has a rich and powerful history in the annals of recovery. Loosely translated — if any translating is needed — it means: put your problem, addiction, disease, or life itself in the hands of Someone or Something Other Than Yourself. (Lowercase all of that if you prefer.) This someone or something doesn’t require a name. It doesn’t need a credo or a belief system. All it needs is practice. Your practice.

Now take the concept of Turn It Over, and transfer it to the printed page. Turn It Over becomes Turn the Page. Select any page at random here and read the brief commentary. Consider the concept or notion as food for thought — and action. Or use a page each week in a group setting. The possibilities are endless.

This compilation is not for everyone. Some in the recovery community will object, declaring, “I have all I need in the approved literature.” We have no quibble with that view. These pages draw upon received wisdom acquired by thousands of recovering people over the course of many decades. The notions expressed here are merely suggestions and make no claim to being original in their musings. They reflect a perspective that invites others to craft their own vantage point or angle of vision. They are a supplement rather than a substitute; discursive rather than subversive. You are invited to add this book to your spiritual toolkit.

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