Quinella – A Winner’s Mistake

Quinella – A Winner’s Mistake

Mom, If You Could See Me Now

by M. Angelia Ricketts

A tumultuous journey from “shell-shocked” toddler, to teenage pregnancy, to redemption, and beyond.At three-and-a-half years old a precocious girl from Kingston—down de way, where de nights are gay—gets traumatized upon witnessing the shockingly bloody birth of her youngest brother.Not long after this defining moment, her father abandons the family and destabilizes the security of her world. As the household struggles to recover from this unexpected conflagration, the young girl gets derailed into a free-fall of searching-for-Dad-but-finding-only-sex-abuse. Teenage pregnancy in the ghetto is an overwhelming stigma, but her mother dares to dream otherwise and is determined to manifest a different scenario. Betting against the odds that her last daughter will transcend and surpass the dream the mother dreamt, she struggles mightily to rein in what’s left of her family.Bombarded by her mother’s expectations and her own emotional embranglement, the young woman channels her daunting events into a pivotal shift toward a fulcrum that might catapult her beyond the ghetto’s trap.

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