Simply the Mind Mapping

Understand the basics of mind mapping to unlock the potential of your intelligence

by Pierre Lejus

SIMPLY THE MIND MAPPING Without going into the rules of construction and the realization of a Mind Mapping, this book invites you to get acquainted with Mind Mapping before going any further…. What is Mind Mapping ? . What is it used for? What can Mind Mapping do for me professionally and personally? What can it do for children? The answers are in this book! Your brain is much more powerful and efficient than you can imagine. Mind Mapping unlocks the full potential of intelligence. Learning, memorization, creativity, communication, it is applicable in many personal and professional fields. In this book, join Pierre Lejus in discovering Mind Mapping and the many reasons why it is so effective. Without going into the construction methodologies, Pierre brings us, in a simple and accessible language, to take a new look at our life and work habits. He unveils the secrets and benefits of our real natural functioning in order to take advantage of it and thus be more efficient. Let’s adopt the right strategies! Foreword by Michel Wozniak, expert in strategic thinking, world educational director of the Tony Buzan group and bronze medallist at the world speed reading championships in Singapore in 2016.

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