Slipping through the Net

Slipping through the Net

To Disengage and Disappear

by Mark Caddick

“Freedom”, for all of us, is a subjective concept. Everyone is brought up and socialized in different circumstances and in different environments. It is hardly debatable whether childhood experiences have a profound effect on a person’s future well-being, attitude and overall perspective; choices drift in along the way and into adulthood, but the vast majority of people wilt and are dumbed down into a collective psyche of conformity and subservience. That is not to say they never yearn for change and sometimes find it possible to improve their lot, but most lie down, humbled, then defeated. The work bells throng, eyes grow yellow with fatigue and the chains clank.For the young man in “Slipping through the Net” emancipation was not sought for financial, political, social or geographical reasons. The cause of his distress lay within, as did the answer. Achieving psychological freedom however, sometimes involves removing the most persistent of stains. The young man, through loving kindness, firm resolve, black humor and an almost arrogant independence scrubs hard. Nevertheless, his underprivileged violent upbringing, alcoholism and an empathetic naivety make the journey towards liberation all the more challenging.

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