Texas Gulf Rig Divers

Texas Gulf Rig Divers

Captain Bones and the Mafatu Spearmen

by Bryan D. Enos

“Texas Gulf Rig Divers” chronicles the relocation of a Hawaii sport spearfisherman to the Texas Gulf Coast and a new crew of aggressive spearmen. Captain Bones will take you down into the sea and under the oil rigs, so you may live the thrill, excitement, and dangers that lurk in the deep. For the joy of spearing and harvesting fish, the Mafatu Divers share their love of the ocean with a casual reader or professional waterman. Amuse yourself with the antics of the crew: “Squid Eye” a ninja fish assassin of unusual skill with custom needle-point slip-tip spears, “One Fin” a marine engineer gone rogue with methodically precise blue water hunting strategies, “Cork” a deep water fish-whisperer and loyal dive buddy, “Jawski” a Hawaiian transplant with extensive trolling and bottom fishing expertise, “Animal” a new devotee to the deep sea underwater addiction, “Vern” a former Navy salvage diver and lifelong crack shooter, and other characters that will keep you turning the page. If you want to feel the water on your skin, breath the air of a scuba tank, admire the tropical fish floating about, swim in stealth mode, stalk large game fish of Amberjack and Ling, and sense the danger of threatening Cudas and Sharks…you’ve got to read this book. These are the adventures of a dying breed of offshore spearmen.

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