The Adventures Of Oliver And Wanda: Oliver Learns 7 Tools to Quiet his Bothersome Thoughts

The Adventures of Oliver and Wanda

Oliver Learns 7 Tools to Quiet His Bothersome Thoughts

by Laura Diane Goldberg MA

Stress. Who isn’t feeling it right now? Sometimes just talking about it can bring on more stress. How can we manage it in healthy ways? How can we quiet those bothersome thoughts that keep us up at night and exhausted during the day? You will meet Oliver B. Owl, peacemaker of the forest and his BFF, Wanda A. Owl who is always taking classes to become more “enlightened”. Wanda will teach Oliver how to:

1. Practice belly breathing to promote a sense of calm.
2. Examine a situation he can control and change his bothersome thought.
3. Examine a situation he cannot control and change his bothersome thought.
4. Create a positive affirmation to help him to take his power back.
5. Take care of his basic needs (physical, emotional and social) throughout the day.
6. Practice positive self talk to promote courage and stop bothersome thoughts.
7. Practice kindness to bring a sense of peace to others as well as to himself.

Laura Diane Goldberg, MA is a former Child and Family Therapist who counseled youth and their families in the Foster Care System. Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Currently, she is a strength-based Life Coach and community educator who teaches tools to develop positive parenting skills, manage stress and to communicate more effectively.

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