The Love of My Life… My Wife

The Love of My Life… My Wife

The Fred & Betty Rodrigues Story

by Mike Rodrigues

Why do bad things happen to good people? Is it possible to change the trajectory of your family tree in one generation? Can true love overcome language barriers, cultural issues, and 4717 miles? All these questions get answered through the dramatic telling of this epic adventure. Follow Fred’s journey as he grows from a shy, introverted child with a severe stuttering problem to a business giant who delivers keynote speeches to thousands. Witness Betty’s grit at the age of eleven when she becomes the primary income earner for her family of eight in war-torn Korea. Feel how love’s strongest expression is through action and sacrifice, not words, through Betty’s lifelong example. Experience what it’s like to risk everything to make a better future for your family. Learn how two people with no background in business build one together that is producing generational wealth. As children, Fred & Betty lived lives that are unimaginable to most people. But because of their choices and their commitment to each other, today their lifestyle is at a level that most people can only dream of. The Fred & Betty Rodrigues love story is part rags to riches, part tragic, but all entertaining. If you read this while sitting down, just know that you will stand up and cheer!

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