The Rise and Fall of Patriarchy

The Rise and Fall of Patriarchy

Changing Our Approach to Justice, Leadership, and Power

by Michelle Panayi

Challenging patriarchy’s worldview on justice, leadership, and power, Michelle Panayi provides a compelling and at times personal account of the devastating impact of this thought system in Australia as well as other parts of the world. Panayi examines the failures of the criminal justice system and the prevalence of violence against women including sexual harassment. She looks at the problem of racism and an environment teetering on the edge. She exposes patriarchy as being more than what many people may think and a danger too easily overlooked. Panayi also explores the reforms that have been shaping a new way forward and the further radical changes needed to help us through our eleventh hour. This includes a different approach to leadership across society and our definition of power. Drawing on insights from feminism, law, psychology, philosophy, and science, Panayi uncovers how to bring about the fall of patriarchy, so we can live more joyful, authentic lives in a more compassionate and just world.

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