The Ten Lives of Hector, The Cat!

The Ten Lives of Hector, The Cat!

by Jane L. King

Hector’s a cat, but he’s no ordinary cat. No, he’s more than that; he’s a time-traveling orange tabby who’s lived more than ten lives throughout his travels.

What you may not know is that cats have a special sense that allows them to travel through space and human time, and they can travel completely unseen! With the help of a large dictionary, a little bit of sunshine, and a whole lot of sleeping, Hector is taken to many wonderful places.

Join Hector, on his first life, as he travels from his sleepy English village of Upper Rayford to ancient Egypt where he starts his adventure in front of the majestic Sphinx. Hector is tasked with a mission when he’s taken by Purrosophos, the leader of the Egyptian cats, to see Queen Hatshepsut. But he will need to use all of his charm, courage, and determination to succeed in his task before he leaves the warm sands of Egypt behind to return to the warm spot near the window in his human mother’s home.

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