Welcome to ALDAFIA

Welcome to ALDAFIA

A Secret Land in Your Garden Paperback

by Phillip Boyd

Join Betty and Billy as they discover a secret land in their garden that one day magically comes to life all around them! Meet all the characters that they created and who only come to life when Mummy and Daddy go inside! You’ll find Butterfly Queens and Hedgehog Kings and all the creatures in your garden that you never knew were just waiting to meet you!

Meet the fairies from the Fairy Hotel tree and some of their special guests in “The Fairy Hotel and the Grumpy Caterpillar.” Growing up can be hard and we will all make mistakes. Sometimes saying sorry is the most important thing and nothing says sorry better than a bowl of banana custard!

See how “The Bogey Goblin and the Brave Hedgehog Princess” show how we need to reach out to people even if we feel scared. Being kind and helping others can lead to the greatest reward of all, friendship. You will learn how looks really can be deceiving!

Have lots of fun playing Betty and Billy’s very special game too. Read inside and learn “How to play ‘Castle to Castle’: A beginner’s guide.” Play safe and don’t fall! Also, can you find Lady Bee and Bumble Bird hidden on each page? There is so much fun to be had so come and see what adventures lie ahead for Betty and Billy and escape to “A Secret Land in Your Garden.” The amazing ALDAFIA!

This story is the first in the “Welcome to ALDAFIA” series and includes 2 additional adventures. The book is intended for 3 – 7 year olds and is also available in paperback. Get ready for magic and imagination!

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