A Pilot’s Tale: Terror, Luck, Africa, and Angels

A Pilot’s Tale

Terror, Luck, Africa, and Angels

by Andy Walker

If you ever dreamed of being a pilot…maybe think again. Ever curious about what goes on in the cockpit or behind the scenes? This book will enlighten you.

Andy Walker piloted every type of plane from gliders to Boeing 747s in four decades. He scouted gas pipelines, flew devout followers to the Hajj in Mecca, and transported service members to and from both Gulf Wars. And one stormy day, he nearly crashed into the Gulf of Alaska with his parents on board. He brings to life all those emotional, sometimes frightening experiences and more.

Surviving forty-three years and twenty-five thousand hours aloft still surprises him. No Vegas gambler would have given him good odds. But in the end, a little prowess and a lotta luck gave him the edge. Herein lies the tale.

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