Aces and Eights: Cats ‘n’ Cocktails Mystery Series (The Cats ‘n’ Cocktails Mystery Series is a cozy mystery set in the fictional northern town of Four Oaks. Book 5)

Aces and Eights

The Cats ‘n’ Cocktails Mystery Series is a cozy mystery set in the fictional northern town of Four Oaks. Book 5

by Faith Waitstill

Warning! Traumatic plot twists lay ahead, but take heart, dear reader—in fiction, things are rarely what they seem!

Part One: It’s ten years later when tragedy strikes, and Anya is faced with a difficult choice. Meanwhile, when it rains— it pours, and it’s pouring buckets in Four Oaks. Every cellar on both sides of the Chenoah Falls River is flooded except at Anstead & Perry’s Wine Bar—Main Street’s latest attraction. The new owners are eager to make inroads with their fellow Main Streeters, but when Anya is gifted a case of wine, Ching displays his disapproval in the form of a catly misdemeanor. Anya’s suspicions rise faster than the floodwaters when Rob Blackledge discovers a secret in her cellar, and a mysterious weed takes root in her pumpkin patch.

Part Two: The rightful heir to The Notah Ranch at Big Timber, formerly The Hart Ranch, has stepped forward to file a claim, and Ethan fears he will lose the ranch. Anya calls in the big guns to assist, her friend and lawyer, Beau Nithercott, and of course, Ching. Following another disastrous turn of events, Anya discovers that Nigel has been keeping secrets.

Cats ’n’ Cocktails, formerly McClean’s Pub, is a cat rescue bar and grill owned and operated by Anya McClean. Her sidekick, a cat named Ching—once the beloved pet of a fortune teller— possesses his own supernatural gifts when it comes to exposing unscrupulous characters. Anya’s growing frustration with the incorrigible cat quickly turns to awe when she realizes his misconduct is purpose driven. Using tarot cards, rune tiles, and wildly overt acts of feline impropriety, Ching leaves a trail of clues that foretell the future, unveil hidden motives, and lead to arrests.

The Cats ’n’ Cocktails Mystery Seriesis a brand new cozy mystery series set against the backdrop of the tiny northern tourist town of Four Oaks where visitors are drawn to Main Street’s collection of fascinating shops and quirky on-theme restaurants—PERFECT for fans of KoKo and Yum Yum in The Cat Who Mystery Series or Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown! *****THIS IS A SERIES YOU’LL WANT TO READ IN ORDER. The characters’ lives evolve in dramatic ways that give these books a lot of power. You’ll be very confused if you try to jump around! Things change fast in these books!

Readers can expect intriguing mysteries with cleverly devised clues, a dynamic romantic subplot with shocking twists and reversals of fortune, the humorous antics always associated with cat behavior, curious characters, suspicious misdeeds, tarot, the supernatural, murder, mystery, fortune hunters, a notorious art gallery, Christmas trains bound for New Orleans, suicidal mystery writers, greed, betrayal, thievery, revenge, pirate lore, wise-guys, horse-racing, drug traffickers, a magnificent ranch where wild horses graze, the Lakota tribe, seasonal festivals, holidays, a haunted inn, family, loyalty, legacies, death, and resurrection.

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