AFTER THE FIRE: Journaling With God To Work Through Loss and Grief

After the Fire

Journaling With God To Work Through Loss and Grief

by Richelle Walker

What do you do when your house burns down and you think it’s your fault?

How does life change after the loss of a house?

Can God handle our anger?

This true life story is set in central western Queensland, Australia. It gives an inside look at everyday life on a cattle property during the worst drought in 40 years. Richelle shares an honest and raw account of her experiences in dealing with loss, grief,and frustration, interspersed with moments of relief and humour, after their house burnt down.

She raises trivial but rarely discussed questions, such as what happens to food in the deep freezer during a fire. Do cows have emotions? What do they think during a drought?

Richelle shares how her habit of journaling enabled her to process her thoughts and emotions, while hearing God speak to her in a variety of different ways. Read about the implications of losing a house to fire and rebuilding in an isolated location. Learn how God can show that He knows us, sees us, hears us, cares about us and loves us constantly through all our life experiences and that He is bigger than our fears, our outbursts, our complaints, our questioning, and our problems.

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