Third Person Singular: 33 1/3 Poems Each

Third Person Singular

33 1/3 Poems Each

by Dan Valenti, Jerri Chaplin, and Paul Kocak

In this daring and innovative collaboration, three acclaimed writers come together to form a more perfect union. Exploring themes of reverence, resilience, and remembrance, these poets invite readers to plumb the depths of their own hearts — as fellow travelers in wonder and regard.

The troika of poets whose work awaits readers’ eyes here have never sat in the same room together, nor have they Zoomed or FaceTimed together. Not yet. They come from different places with different histories, making this assemblage all the more remarkable. Born in Pittsfield, MA, Dan Valenti has thrived in journalism, book writing, blogging, radio and TV, and teaching. Jerri Chaplin grew up in Honolulu and now divides time between her birthplace, Charleston, SC, and Pittsfield, MA. She had a successful career in advertising and public relations before becoming an award-winning poet. A native of Stamford, CT, now residing in Syracuse, NY, Paul Kocak has enjoyed (or endured) stints as a teacher, sales rep, unemployed person, technical editor, marketing manager — and poet.

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