Alive: Sauerkraut, Baked Goods, Cocktail Mixers & Elixirs


Sauerkraut, Baked Goods, Cocktail Mixers & Elixirs

by Joanna Biafore and Marketa Mervart

Fermented foods are ALIVE and the process of fermentation is truly amazing. Fermented foods contain probiotics which are beneficial for your gut health. The word probiotic means “for life”. We are Joanna and Marketa of the fermented food company Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments Inc. It started for us with an old school fermentation crock and a shared passion for getting probiotic rich foods into our families. We knew that building beneficial bacteria was and is a medicinal preventative to just about everything! We both connected with the process and haven’t looked back. We believe in real food and a practical approach to preventing illness. As a result of cleaning up not only our own diets but those of others, we have witnessed reversed behavioural diagnoses, hormone balancing, removal of chronic inflammation and strengthened immune and digestive systems. Our hope is to inspire you to get creative and experiment with ferments like we have, so your whole family can benefit as well. This book includes sauerkraut, baked goods to cocktail mixers and elixirs. From our families to yours…enjoy.

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