Athlete Mental Health Playbook

Athlete Mental Health Playbook

A Guide to Mental Wellness for Athletes

by Misty Buck

The Athlete Mental Health Playbook is a beginner’s guide to mental wellness for athletes because players are humans, not robots.

Growing up around sports and athletes, Misty Buck learned that expressing emotions were often labeled with phrases like, “stop being weak” or “you’re soft.” However, when she was a teenager, she endured difficulties and began to experience mental health issues. As she would come to learn, she wasn’t the only one struggling who felt like they couldn’t show it or talk about it.

It took Misty many years to learn that mental health issues don’t mean you’re crazy, weak, or broken and that managing mental wellness truly takes an ongoing mind, body, and soul holistic plan, which is why she is so passionate about sharing those messages and tools today.

In the Athlete Mental Playbook you’ll learn:

  • Why mental health issues don’t make you weak
  • How to bridge the gap between mental toughness and mental health
  • How mental health can affect your body
  • 10 super-powered mindset shifts

The book also includes a multitude of hands-on exercises to help you begin to gain peace and clarity.

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