The Disclosure

The Disclosure

by Jamal Hasan

Jahir Sarkar, the key character, is a smart and confident person. However, his life is full of internal and external conflicts. High qualifications from one of the top UK universities and two unexpected financial windfalls fail to bring any peace into Jahir’s life. Jahir has a dark past and he remains trapped by secrets. Anxiety-ridden Jahir’s heart always cries for freedom.

The novel will attract readers who enjoy mystery and suspense. From the very beginning, the interest of the reader is piqued by a series of intriguing events. Gradually the story unfolds through flashbacks, guaranteed to keep the reader hooked until all is revealed at the very end. Ultimately, ‘The Disclosure’ is a feel-good story and provides an escape from the pessimism of everyday life.

‘The Disclosure’ gives a fascinating picture of rural Bangladeshi culture which is on the verge of being forgotten forever.

The novel is likely to appeal to the South Asian Diaspora, particularly in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada and many will relate to the events portrayed. But non-Asian readers, less well-versed in Bengali culture, will find much to enjoy and discover.

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