Babysitting Business Secrets

Babysitting Business Secrets

How to start your service, find repeat jobs, and earn good money

by Matthew Taylor

Imagine running your own successful business where families pay you to make a difference in children’s lives, where you can be your own boss, set a schedule that suits you, work locally to avoid commuting, and learn valuable childcare skills while you earn good money.

This is Babysitting!

Babysitting is the perfect first job for many young entrepreneurs because it’s so easy to get started, work is readily available, and it’s fun to do. This book is your secret guide to starting that successful business, inside these pages you will find:

  • How to start babysitting, step by step
  • Tips to promote your service for free
  • Resume and Interview tips to win jobs
  • How to calculate your pay rate
  • Downloadable forms, checklists, and guides
  • Fun kids activities that you’ll enjoy too
  • Important safety information
  • Plus so much more

With over 100 full-color illustrations packed into 262 pages, you’ll find Babysitting Business Secrets to be one of the most comprehensive babysitting books available.

Start your successful babysitting business today!

Matthew Taylor is the founder of a wildly popular babysitting website where he has helped over 818,943 people with babysitting since 2018. He is the father of three beautiful kids in Sydney, Australia, and he believes that all children should have an endless supply of paper, pencils, string, and sticky tape.

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