Better Things

Better Things

by Sheila Carroll

Barry was Sheila’s first and only love. Their dreams for the future are shattered, leaving her to pick up the broken pieces of her life. But she has no idea how to live without him. She considers running away from home, away from the darkness of her grief, but her therapist assures Sheila that is not a realistic solution.

She is lost in limbo until a godsend pushes her forward: a temporary reprieve in Mexico where she can earn the last of the foreign language credits she needs to, finally, attain her college degree. Arrangements for the month’s sabbatical fall into place, and Sheila leaves all that is familiar as she takes an adventurous first step on her journey of self-discovery.

Her sometimes challenging journey continues when she returns to “Mayberry,” a small southern town where she has spent the entirety of her forty-three years. It is the home of her story.

Her daddy worries that she will grow old alone. Family and friends believe the best thing for getting on with her life is for Sheila to start dating, which proves to be easier said than done. Times have changed. The rules have changed. She has changed. And she’s not ready. Or maybe she is.

But does she dare to hope that love will find her for a second time? And if it does, will Sheila take the proverbial leap of faith and risk falling in love – for the last time?

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