Blue Oasis No More

Blue Oasis No More

Why We’re Not Going to “Beat” Global Warming and What We Need to Do About It

by Glenn A. Ducat

If you think solar panels and EVs are going to save our planet from the ravages of global warming, I hope you’ll read this book; I wrote it with you in mind. You probably won’t like the conclusions any more than I do, but you’ll come away with a better understanding of the challenge confronting us. All I ask is this: “Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

This is not a “doomsday” book. Global warming will NOT write the final chapter in the history of man, but over the course of this century it will totally upend life as we’ve known it in the fossil fuel era. This book is a CALL TO ACTION with insights related to what we are doing now to address global warming and, importantly, what more we need to do. If we want to stop “slow roasting” our planet, we’ll have to repower all of humanity’s energy engine with carbon-free resources. It’s that simple . . . and it’s that hard.

This book shines a light on the multi-dimensional nature of the issue, the magnitude of the challenge, the limited arsenal of technologies we have to combat the core problem and the obstacles we’ll face. Working through each of the issues, I identify 15 “myths” about global warming (many of which you may believe) ultimately arriving at the uncomfortable, but unassailable conclusion: we’re not going to “beat” global warming. As stark and as unsettling as this reality may be, embracing it opens the door to policies and options, rejected up until now, which could actually lessen the impact on future generations.

I hope this book attracts readers from the most cynical global warming skeptics to the most ardent environmental activists. Wherever you are on that spectrum, thank you for considering this offering. If you’re planning to be around for a few more years, or have loved ones who will be, this book will help you understand how that future will unfold.

“Knowledge is power,” denial is not a strategy, and complacency is not an option.

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