Some Bridges Never Burn

by J.B. Ewing

Inspired by actual events. As ghostly threats and mysterious dangers grow, Emma Cattigan must stand up to the epic evil that seeks her across generations, and uncover the secrets that create earthly pawns in an immortal and deadly pursuit for her soul.In a tale that spins out of her facade of normal life, Emma vows to shut out the evil nightmares that caused her mother’s death and resulted in a terrifying haunting. But as she starts her senior year of high school, she realizes she must reveal her secrets to her closest friend, Shane Thompson, while her core group, headed up by the cool, self-assured, Colin Hale, slowly begins to put the pieces together and work to keep her safe. Emma will need to finally face her demons and decide who she must trust, who she must fear, and who she must love to protect her soul.

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