Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind, for Good

by Rachael Jackson

An incredibly moving, inspirational, powerful read. A young woman from Manchester, United Kingdom shares the truth about suffering with poor mental health and the difficulty of trying to carry on with daily life (all in the form on rhythmic poems!). From a failed suicide attempt at 14 years old, to winning the battle with mental health 12 years later, this book will truly change the minds of all who read it.A book designed to help people who are suffering and anybody who wants to understand how poor mental health truly feels. Perfect for anyone who wants to help a loved one, friend or even an employee. This book includes tips and activities for effective self-help, and a yearlong planner to track your mood and progress. Each week has a different empowerment quote designed to keep inspiring you to succeed. This book will hold your hand throughout recovery. It’s time to remove the stigma from mental health.Change your mind, for good.

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