Show Us the Straight Way

Show Us the Straight Way

The Intimate Act of Talking to God in Prayer

by Halima JoAnn Haymaker

A beautifully researched book about the power and wisdom of prayer. Beginning with an overview of praying from the perspective of several wisdom traditions, the book shows what prayer has meant over millennia, as well as presenting modern research about the efficacy of different types of prayers. Sheikha Halima then delves into Sufi prayer by presenting the wisdom of modern Sufi Masters Seyyedeh Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyyed Ali Kianfar. Halima explores how Sufis pray and worship the divine, including chapters about daily prayer, Sufi chant (zekr), and Sufi meditation. This book provides a unique and invaluable perspective on prayer in general and Sufi prayer in particular and will prove an indispensable addition for anyone interested in exploring more deeply the value and intention of praying.

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