CREATIVITY AND MINDSET: The King Solomon Creative Model

Creativity and Mindset

The King Solomon Creative Model

by Akin Odidi

Creativity and Mindset is out to challenge people to think deep and in a new way by throwing out every illusion that comes with negative mindsets and complacency. It is about pushing the creative boundary in each person such that the huge hidden creative potentials in every person are realised and unleashed. For too long, too many people have blocked their mind and shut the creativity door to them by believing that creativity is only meant for certain set of people and not for them. This book is an attempt to reopen such doors by getting the least person to begin to think creatively. The book also explored the creative mindset of King Solomon who has always only been celebrated for his wisdom. Solomon’s creativity was also a huge part of his success story. This book therefore attempts to show what the human mind can achieve with the right thinking and right mindset. For creativity to flourish, fear must be banished as fear kills many dreams before they are birthed.

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