The Weaver (OLD BLOOD Book 1)

The Weaver


by B. Scott Hoadley

Shadowy figures, haunting dreams……and discovery that could change everything.

A rushed overnight flight from London. A downed plane and a missing grandfather. Nathan Briggs is caught between a desire to forge his own path and a father’s strong will for his son to join the family business.

Faced with an unexpected discovery, he must choose between who he thinks he is and who he must become. His decision could affect centuries of balance between things he never even knew existed.

Death and magic are never far away…


Nathan Briggs must find his own way through adversity to learn the ways of a lost grandfather. Stalked, attacked and in danger he walks a path between the will of a father, the search for his own identity, and the legacy of his ancestors.

Seeking knowledge and truth to protect his friends and family, is he strong enough to protect himself?

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger… he hopes.

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