Doors Shut Wide: a nano-novel of flash fiction

Doors Shut Wide

a nano-novel of flash fiction

by Paul Kocak

A man and a woman meet by mysterious circumstances. Shedding their past lives, they reinvent themselves. Or do they? They love, they argue, they discover, they survive. They travel far and wide like vagabonds, but to what end? In 22 micro-episodes that resemble screenshots, this nano-novel reveals glimpses of two lives. It can be read in one sitting — in any order, if you don’t mind a heavy dose of mystery and uncertainty. On the other hand, you may choose to read the episodes in the order presented. That’s fine, too. Many matters are left up in the air, unresolved, messy. Not every “T” is crossed; nor are all loose ends tied together. Just as in life. Enjoy the ride.

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