Failure to Thrive: Covid Quarantine Chronicles

Failure to Thrive

Covid Quarantine Chronicles

by Paul Kocak

What was life like in the Age of Coronavirus? What was it like Before Coronavirus? And what comes next? Acclaimed author Paul Kocak ventures out of his quarantined isolation and takes a walk in the neighborhood (with face mask affixed). He wanders in and out of the new realities. Come along. Stay socially distanced or socially proximate. Your choice. Flash fiction. Sly humor. Paranoiac eavesdropping. Poetic fantasy. Imaginary voices. It’s all here. What a short, strange trip it’s been: to Coronavirusville and back . . . maybe. Read in one sitting. Or read in bite-size chunks. Wash hands with soap for 2 minutes afterward.

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