Finding your Self: Liberation through Advaita Vedanta

Finding your Self

Liberation through Advaita Vedanta

by Mithun Baliga

In these uncertain and stressful times, knowing who we are is the most valuable knowledge we can seek for ourselves. For many centuries ancient and modern philosophers alike have pondered the very same question and answered it in a multitude of ways. In Finding your Self: Enlightenment through Advaita Vedanta, Mithun Baliga uses the ancient text, Tattvabodha (Knowledge of Reality) as a guide to tackle life’s greatest question, “Who am I?”. From understanding Maya to the creation of the universe, the author uses the ancient Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedanta or nonduality to provide answers to complex questions in simple, easy to understand language. Finding your Self: Enlightenment through Advaita Vedanta is a great introduction to nonduality for new comers as well as a fresh take on the Tattvabodha for experienced readers.

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