Crisis to Riches

Crisis to Riches

by John Raniola

Crisis to Riches is essential in today’s money world of uncertainty. What does it take to shift what feels like defeat and failure into financial and life wealth? What are the hidden truths to advancing ourselves on a cash planet? Why, even in a crisis, some find ways to succeed while others begin to fall backward?

Everyone is searching for a purpose, but what does it take to transform one’s life towards a meaningful purpose, an inner drive of abundance that comes alive. Following the Law of Attraction, seeking and manifesting the secret to success caused many to give up on their dreams. Financial and life-development had become bewildered.

John Raniola spent over twenty-four years troubleshooting mechanical equipment, creating one powerful solution mindset. For the last seven-plus years, Raniola transformed his entire life and had drilled himself with self-development books and ideas. He jointly put the book’s teachings and beliefs into his life, building businesses while studying himself and others, and created financial and life wealth solutions.

In 2013 John found that his life was in a self-destructive downward spiral towards rock-bottom. John created dad’s ideas of success, a secure job with a retirement plan. John finally recognized he had his dad’s definition of success, but he lost control of his desires and all other life sections. The mind triggered what John calls “survival mode,” the hidden truth of success and life fired up and started to guide John upward into a forward motion spiral.

In 2014, John finally dared to quit his secure union job and open his own business. In 2017 Raniola wrote his first book. Self-Heal and Become Success. 2018 John started to search for energy transformation and received his Reiki Master certificate. 2019, John received his Napoleon Hill PMA, Positive Mental Attitude Leader and instructor Certificate and begun to speak and teach globally. 2020 John found himself in a crisis again. This Time it was globally, the Pandemic of 2020.

John not willing to give up all that he worked for and had to find a way to keep succeeding. Crisis to Riches has been born. Last year, John revealed the hidden truth that had been holding himself and other people down globally. John’s solution mindset had ignited while studying himself and others during a pandemic. John found the master key that is needed to lift the entire world.

John found himself driven by a powerful hidden energy that guided him past foolish ideas into a meaningful purpose. Time is now to reveal the hidden truth, the laws of creating life and financial freedom. It is Time to jolt and advance people worldwide from all levels.

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