A Home-Based Physical Activity Program for Families

by Daniela Rubin and Leonard Wiersma

This book contains a physical activity curriculum (FunDoRooTM) developed and tested to improve motor skills of youth with and without developmental disabilities. This physical activity curriculum was implemented at home by parents during six months and led to improvements in motor skills such as body coordination, strength and agility. This book provides not only activities and games to do at home, a park, or anywhere you like to, but also organized plans of activities that follow progression in difficulty and level of exertion. For the activities, the text descriptions, in combination with the illustrations, provide a complete reference as to how to lead each activity, including the sport/play equipment needed. The book also provides examples on how to make your own equipment, how to progress the difficulty of the activities and how to motivate your family to be more physically active. This book was intentionally crafted for parents but can be used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise specialists and educators in different settings such as the classroom, clinical practice, the client’s home, etc.

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