Happily Joint

Happily Joint

The Secret to Relationship Resiliency

by Kenneth Reyes & Maxine Chang Reyes

“Maxine and Ken Reyes are absolutely brilliant! They beautifully captured the essence of what it takes to build harmonious and enduring marital relationships. They drew from the well spring of their experiences and pours out timeless wisdom that helps readers pave their own path forward into a lifetime of wedded bliss. Few books can compare to the rich level of thoughtfulness concerning marital relationships in the way this book does. It is a powerful tool for couples that are searching for ways to change destructive patterns in their relationships. Maxine and Ken created an incredibly insightful work that is filled with great exercises to draw you and your partner closer together. This excellent book is by far one of the most enlightening guides on marital relationships on the market!”

Dr. Julian Thomas, CEO Total Leadershift Solutions, LLC.

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