Into The Dark: Book One of the Infinite Crossover Crisis

Into The Dark

Book One of the Infinite Crossover Crisis

by Robert Hookey

Are you afraid of The Dark?
You should be.

They are all around you, even in the daylight. Directing. Scheming. Manipulating. Whispering in your ear. You’d see them if you only dared to really look at the shadows, at the corners and angles where the light can’t reach.

The world you’ve been living in, one where monsters don’t go bump in the night is a lie, one created to keep the sheep content while the wolves feast.

An imbalance of unimaginable proportions has swept the world, causing the concept of good vs. evil to exist only in comic books and movies. The Balance between The Light, The Grey, and The Dark has been swept away in a river of blood.

But you can go back to your cable TV, your streaming, your Insta Tikking or whatever the hell it’s called. My team and I have your back. We’re not the heroes you’d ask for, but we’re the only ones you’re going to get. God help you.

(Actually, scratch that, She’s long gone.) Okay, fine, so there’s a good chance humanity is doomed…

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