Liberating Teaching and Learning

Liberating Teaching and Learning

Turn it Upside Down and Watch African Americans (All Learners) Soar!

by Dr. Bettye Chitman Haysbert

A SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP-EMPOWERING GUIDE FOR TEACHERS and learners to help each other transform the classroom and unlock the brilliance, creativity, and intelligence of African Americans and all learners. Education for African Americans is in a crisis. In the European American classroom, African American learners aren’t free to be themselves, learn about their history and culture, explore their interests. They struggle, and when hey don’t succeed. low expectations and undue punishment stifle their educational experience.In this conversational, action-oriented guide, teachers and students learn how to work together to radically restructure their classrooms. With a willingness to coplan, teach, and learn from each other using the history, culture, interests, strengths, and experiences of African Americans, a nurturing environment is created for unchallenged and unmotivated students to become engaged high achievers.When you use what works to help African American learners find success, you’ll help all learners find success. Turn teaching and learning upside down, watch students soar, and teaching becomes easier.

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