Life Coach in the Jungle

Life Coach in the Jungle

An Imaginary Tale

by Howard Wallman

His online training has not prepared Roy Oakwood for the avalanche of strange behavior from the couple he is life-coaching. Marion is all over the place, ‘percolating like the jiggle-valve on an old-fashioned pressure cooker,’ while her seductive boyfriend, Aaron, is jiggling his bisexuality all over Roy. Meanwhile, Roy’s own relationship to a disgruntled Ironman is on the rocks. And a string of outrageous coincidences will turn all their lives upside down when Marion’s bible-toting parents swoop in transporting a rare capuchin monkey who has mysteriously been smuggled into the trendy Los Angeles suburb where they all live. Can Roy stop his fumbling attempts to fix things? Can he and all the others trust a jungle animal to teach them how to release their inhibitions and let their inner nature be their Guide? Will they continue doing what they’ve been programed to do, or seize the adventurous lives unfolding right before them? With plenty of surreal humor, this fast-paced unpredictable romp will keep you laughing, while diving shamelessly into the universal depths of love, hate, fear, desperation, boredom, denial, hope — and unbridled sensuality. “The city is not a concrete jungle; it is a human zoo.”

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