People, Places, and Things

People, Places, and Things

Letting Go and Living Now

by Paul Kocak

In the fourth such compilation, “People, Places, and Things” freeze-frames everyday life. Using essays, poetry, stream of consciousness, and flash fiction, this volume focuses on loss. Loss of people, places, and things as we make our way on our individual journeys. The Hole in the Donut. Problems Without Passports. The Weight of Absence. Murder on the Disorient Express. These are but some of the teasing topics. Although highly personal, these verbal snapshots invite readers to laugh or cry, stay or walk away. The main thing is for readers to be entertained or spellbound by these flash cards of modern life. With sparkling wit and snarky humor, as well as passion and compassion, “People, Places, and Things” paints a picture of spritual challenges and rewards. This is the twelfth book at by critically acclaimed author Paul Kocak. Readers have praised his writing as “charming and engaging” as well as “beautiful and poignant.” One reviewer celebrated “the author’s use of what might be called Socratic monologues, in which he questions himself to find out what he thinks.”

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