Race Does Not Exist: We All Descend from the Same Maternal Lineage

Race Does Not Exist

We All Descend from the Same Maternal Lineage

by Jaime R. Carlo-Casellas Ph.D.

We start with a simple, albeit profound statement. We as a single species will always have more in common than our differences. When we allow superficial assumptions about the nature of a person’s character based on nothing more than the color of one’s skin, sexual preference, gender, ethnic, or cultural background, we do us all a disservice, for at best, we have placed our ability to learn, grow and succeed through the very strength of our diversity at a great disadvantage. We must never forget and accept the fact that we are all related.

It is also imperative that we recognize that an ethnic mosaic (cultural diversity or pluralism) gives an empire its unique persona, strength, and vital role in history. Just as with hybrid maize, diversity allows a species to adapt better to stress, produce better offspring and higher yields, as well as a longer life span than their progeny. Furthermore, empires will last if each individual has a right to self-sufficiency, and self-determination is in no way subordinate to the demands of another. Without these, empires will be toppled by heinous, greedy administrations, usually by wars, enslavement, deportation and/or genocide. It’s time for us to practice Ubuntu, a Zulu and Xhosa South African term meaning “humanity,” often translated as “I am because we are.”

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