Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers

by Michael A Tortorich

If you’re looking for a book to learn personal finance critical thinking skills, this is it. This book was not written to tell you what to do, but to give you the tools to come to your own decisions. The foundation of finance is understanding how to run the numbers. While there is nothing wrong with a rule of thumb, making an informed decision based on solid data is a guaranteed way to set yourself up for consistent success. The chapters of the book are organized to align with the sequence of major financial decisions a typical person would encounter as he/she progresses through life. It gives real life examples, walks you through the decision making process and most importantly shows you how to quantify your options. This book covers the following topics:

  1. Time Value of Money
  2. Compound Interest
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Purchasing a Car
  5. Choosing a Career
  6. Paying Off Student Loans
  7. Defined Contribution Plans
  8. Purchasing a House
  9. Kids
  10. Life Insurance
  11. Investing for Retirement

Applying the concepts and techniques in this book will help you to make more informed, data driven decisions and set you on your way to financial literacy. For more information about the book as well as additional resources please visit

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