Rabies Positive

Rabies Positive

An Animal Doctor’s Memoirs

by Jerry L. Simmons DVM MS

I removed the cloth from inside the dog’s stomach and gave it to my tech who rinsed it and showed me a most unusual foreign body….

They hurried into my exam room holding their almost lifeless little dog in a blood-soaked blanket that dripped blood onto the floor. The doctor’s scrubs were wet with blood. Neither would look me in the eye when I questioned….

I had to make a judgment decision regarding a possible case of rabies involving a 9-year-old girl who was in a hospital ICU after having a serious reaction to a rabies treatment. It could have life or death consequences for her and serious liability issues for me, possibly including the loss of my license….

A pet shop owner was in my exam room with six healthy, active and cute two month old puppies. What he wanted was unthinkable….

You’ll laugh and you might shed some tears. These are eye-opening, true stories about the life and work of an animal doctor.

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