The Bible Is African History

The Bible Is African History

by Neil M. C. Sinclair

Neil M. C. Sinclair’s provocative but captivating text Is the Bible African History stripped away centuries of imperialism, restoring the African voice to the historical canon. Therein, Sinclair explained how the Department of Egyptology intentionally silenced the Africanisms that prove the Bible was actually inspired by black creativity.

That prequel establishes the perspective of The Bible Is African History, a new scholarly work in which Sinclair discusses the implications of his revisionist reading of human history. The key to his reinterpretation is the book of Revelation—a text generally accepted to predict the coming end of the world. But this book, Sinclair argues, actually tells the story of an event long past: Noah’s Flood.

Repositioning Revelation as history rather than prophecy leads to a startling new understanding of humanity’s course. Sinclair not only teaches us about the highly creative society that predated the Flood and the matriarchy that grew up after but also pinpoints the source of the past three thousand years of Western political and social turmoil..

Meticulously researched and written in scholarly but accessible language, The Bible Is African History gives readers a truly unique perspective on current events—and the correct story of our collective past.

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