The Four Ages

The Four Ages

A 21st Century Ground Level View of the Mainline Protestant Story

by James M. Logsdon

There is disruptive change going on in the Gentile Mainline Protestant Christian Church today. Martin Luther introduced disruptive change over 400 years ago in the form of his 95 Theses. That paper created the Protestant Reformation. Today, disruptive change is causing a decline in many mainline churches in the United States. What is happening in our mainline denominations? As a volunteer leading a non-traditional mainline worship service shortly after the 9/11 attacks I felt a strong connection to God’s will through my church. All those faces – including those of my family – looking up expectantly as the first song started. But nearly 2 decades later I am disconnected to the church and questioning how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Did God change something? I believe He did. I believe He moved His plan to the next level several decades ago – decades before 9/11. And humanity blinked. So did the church. We looked at it. We saw it happen. But we could not – or would not – try to understand what we saw. And unfortunately, I believe most of us continue to not see it today. So the message of that new level was never told and that put thousands – maybe millions – of believers on the same boat I have found myself. What boat? What level? Jesus Christ gave us the warning. He gave us the signs. But what are we missing? I found it – again. I read it before. Maybe you have, too. But this time I received it in my heart and in my mind. It is right there in black and white. And we are getting – I believe – to the transition that delivers His final step towards humanity. I believe God wants us to take a fresh look into our Bible and see how close He is to bringing us all home. Not through socio-political filters or traditional blinders. And not in a “100% I believe in God no matter what” persona either. God wants us to see His plan as it is unfolding before our very eyes. And believe . Because it is. And we must. The clock is ticking. The boat is ready to set sail. His story must be told from where He has written it on our hearts and placed it in our minds. It is happening even as we live and breathe. We must help others see His story coming right at us. His story of redemption and grace is reconciling itself with our world. We need to share this reconciliation from the pulpit and the streets. And not just through the Mainline Protestant Church. It needs to be sounded from all Christendom. It is time – right here and right now. So I am starting with the mainline churches in the United States. How? I am starting by sharing my story about His story – right here and right now. Are you willing to listen and decide for yourself? James M. Logsdon

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