THE HARVESTERS: A Spec in time series (book 1)

The Harvesters

A Spec in Time series (book 1)

by M. Narf

The earth is nearing its megaannum event, and they are on their way. Once every million years, they come to take what they have sown. It has been this way on our little planet for at least five million years. Each time, it is a race of advancing technology far enough. This time however humanity has a Spec of hope.

This time, the Freaks and Geeks are ready for the event.
This time, they have Spec, a not-so-human leader.
This time, they have collected all of humankind’s knowledge base.
This time, they hope to survive the event.
If they succeed, they will see the restart of a whole new world.

The Harvesters takes the reader through the cataclysmic end of the world. What happens between the end and the beginning has yet to be notated in the annals of human history. The story follows Spec who was created for one mission: The protection and survival of humanity. The catch? Spec is forced to save the human race in order to do that.

The Harvesters is the first novel of six in the series: A Spec in time.

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