Cockpit to Cockpit: Your Ultimate Resource for Transition Gouge

Cockpit to Cockpit

Your Ultimate Resource for Transition Gouge

by Marc Himelhoch

The end of a military aviation career doesn’t have to clip your wings! This LOL, no s#@* military pilot’s guide is the gouge you need to nail a successful touch-and-go into your airline career.

Cockpit to Cockpit was written by a pilot who made the transition. Lt Col Marc Himelhoch, USAF (Ret) interviewed with and received conditional job offers from XOJET, Delta, JetBlue, and Southwest. Now he wants to share tips and tricks to help you transition from a military to airline cockpit.

Cockpit to Cockpit gives military pilots a step-by-step guide that details the process from your first day as a newly “winged” military aviator until the last day on active duty and beyond to help you prepare for an airline transition. Recently released Cockpit to Cockpit second edition contains even more new and updated content to ensure readers have the latest and best airline transition information available.

Finally, military pilots have one resource for all the information needed to make a seamless military to airline transition.

Marc neatly packages proven résumé and application techniques with valuable, direct-sourced airline hiring department information, and tips learned through personal experience to greatly enhance your chances of scoring an interview with your top airline choices.

A must-read for any military pilot considering an airline career now or in the future!

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